saints or sinners?

In the same vein as Jay Leno's perennial question "straight or gay" (lest it is "gay or straight" - who cares in this P.C. world anymore - eh? It is a funny segment on Leno's show) - let us thoroughly analyze now the qualities and the faults of many an illuminary... shall we? Ok? Good! ~ NOTA BENE: perhaps because of the subject matter, this blog is neither perfect with IE, nor with Firefox!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


If I hear the lyrics right, Boston has dirty water in its precious Charles River... "lovers, bugs and beans"... not to mention Bruins too... and it still manages to look classier than most other American towns!

In victory or defeat, the town supports its representatives and acts, 99.9% of the time, very graciously... Temperance and class are the key words here, indeed!

In the last few years, with championships for the Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics, the town could have easily "lost it" - yet, no - they act with dignity, no matter what!

Celtics have been led to so many championships by a plethora of classy guys - from Red Auerbach to Bob Cousy, Bill Russell to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett just now!
There are classy organizations all about town, verily, with the Patriots, Revolution, Cannons, Red Sox and Bruins too! No heavy, out-of-control, big mean corporations that pollute without remorse nor mercy here!

It is a well-cultured city too - rife with good manners any which way you look at it!

And yet, the Charles River is still chock-full of "Dirty Water" - beloved dirty water though it may be...!

What do we have here then - hmm?
Boston - City of Champions?
Or chumps?
Saints... or sinners?


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