saint or sinner?

In the same vein as Jay Leno's perennial question "straight or gay" (lest it is "gay or straight" - who cares in this P.C. world anymore - eh? It is a funny segment on Leno's show) - let us thoroughly analyze now the qualities and the faults of many an illuminary... shall we? Ok? Good! ~ NOTA BENE: perhaps because of the subject matter, this blog is neither perfect with IE, nor with Firefox!

Saturday, May 09, 2020

Introduction - sending out that S.O.S.

This is a blog about SAINTS... (Says Grandpa)
SINS? (Boy asks, faintly)
-And SINNERS too-

You know a saint by his deed-dees 
And a sinner by his poo 
Don't mess with saints or them sissies too
But in the Grand Scheme of All Things, 
Great and Small, 
who's to pee all over this sh**...?

Sinners - cross out the sinners! 
Saintly - do it as saintly...
as possible! 

You should adopt the Good Method 
and only single out the sin 
Let the sinner go scot free 
as the saint - it's a win-win! 
However be aware that in the Order of Everything 
there'll be HELL to pay - one day...!

Sinners - cast out the suckers!
Saintly - as saintly as possible...!

(Please play some accordeon now - don't ask...)
(And, if you don't like this so far, 
 don't call the cops on us either!)

And so here is the entire raison d'être of
Saints Or Sinners!

Actually, there are more of the latter
and less of the former, here -
far less! 
But let us NOT be the judges of that...
Let us just, er, WATCH 

Nota Bene: 
Aye, you can sing the words penned for mirth's sake, 
above, to the tune of the classic, if odd, 
''Check Out The Chicken'' 
by Grandmaster Chicken & D.J. Duck. 
(With wink-wink nods to a missionary and Eurythmics too!)
That's right - G.C. & D.J.D. -
there's two saintly sinners right there 
if I've ever seen some myself...! 
(Only slightly better than Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff...
Eurythmics? They're strictly the latter category tho...!)

Our very own S.O.S. Patron Saints, however, 
absolutely have to be these three: 
Guitar George... 
Honky Tonk Harry 
(aka Harry Who ''Doesn't Mind If He Doesn't Make The Scene'')
and Mark Knopfler... 
The Sultans Of Swing! 

And they're our kind of sinners, too!

What - were you expecting The Police?
(Sending Out An S.O.S. - duh)

Now if all that's not ooky enough for ya,  
you can show some sympathy where the sun don't shine
I ain't no saint, boys & assorted humanoids -
nah, not me! 

But that's another story... 

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017



Yeah, yeah... We know (of course we do!)
We've already tackled this guy, too...

(And with so many sinners out there, awaiting their turn here...
YEARS passing by in-between posts... *LOL* 
How dare we post multiple times 
on the very same subject-case?!?
Well... It is very simple...
Right, Ty? 
Never mind...)

And with aaaaaaall of that in mind now, 
let's ask the question again...



Or... something in-between?!?

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Friday, August 09, 2013

Fairy Tales Were Never Like This!

Art By Eric Basaldua & Nei Ruffino,
© & All Rights Reserved

More and more, these days, we are seeing modern takes on auld folk materials - namely, adult, contemporary retellings of classic fairy tales! And they each get to be more clever than the last - lest it is just more raunchy? We are miles away from the artsy, tasteful and quite reverent even reimaginings done years ago by the likes of Neil Jordan's Company Of Wolves for instance...

Currently there have been a flurry of Red Ridinghood reinterpretations to go along with broader projects that regroup a number of them fairytale sources into a single tapestry of nonsense spiced up with elements taken from the tested and true soap opera formula or the episodic suspenseful drama that peaked with Chris Carter's X-Files - lest it was with J.J. Abrams' Lost? ABC's Once Upon A Time is a resounding success in that vein - especially when compared to a previous effort such as The 10th Kingdom... But that is another story!

Disney gave all the fairy tale princesses a makeover when they regrouped them and made them marketable with tons of merchandising based upon their collective and individual image. Even the Evil Queen got in on the fun and proved to be quite the cash cow as well - but that's another story too!

Disney plans to do the exact same thing with super-heroes as it acquired Marvel's stable and is now bent on milking it for all that that investment is worth...!

But we are not having Disney on trial here today - hold off the lawyers and plutos, Mickey!

We merely established the newly renewed and very tangible link between comic-books and fairy tales of old - for what is the former if nothing other than a modern take of the latter?

And so, we ask this question as we admire the artwork above, a true gem by artists Eric Basaldua & Nei Ruffino, truly: this stuff puts rival DC's master of babedom pin-ups and cover art, Adam Hughes, to shame, actually...!

And so...

We ask this question: were Snow White, Red Ridinghood, The Little Mermaid (Hans Christensen's baby!) and the rest portrayed there (Sleeping Beauty? But she's wide awake! Was she also or is she a Sleepwalking Beauty now? I'm just not sure who the others are supposed to be anymore...!) - are they supposed to be good, pure, virtuous ladies or, er, party girrrls after all?

Saints... Or Sinners?

You answer that!

And remember now:
I apply here the same rationale as I do to my own intellectual property and, in re: copyright law, the only exceptions to the rule occur in the advent of an objective review of the entertaining or educational value of said material and/or in the advent of objective and 'fair use' of copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.
In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107.
For more information, once more, go here
Thanks guys!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

This Guy!

  Evil Ethereal Feline From The Great Beyond  

or The Luminous Cat - among us?

Monday, June 04, 2012

OSB's John Newland

Some have accused him of being sort of a leech, feeding off other people's dramas and real-life struggles to make his television mark... For, unlike his American counterpart, Rod Serling, who wrote himself and, therefore, entirely made up his terrible tales of the bizarre, Newland was simple retelling, in his haughty British way, the tragedies already written out by destiny itself...!

Then again, comparing Newland to Serling is like comparing British-style of gentlemanliness to Americano machismo; style and substance despite Alcoa Aluminum sponsorship versus formulaic ransacking of ideas from other sources, always doctored with some more in order to please 1001 sponsors rather than just one; heck, ultimately, it is like comparing rumoured queerness and chain-smoking manliness? Both leading to oblivion - hmm?

John Newland was actually American-born, though so many mistook him for a Briton - and his body of work, especially as a director is so impressive: it reads as what's what of American classic television, featuring quite the who's who too! Just take a look at it here!

He may have done some ransacking of his own brand - pillaging the horrific accounts of others' tragedies in order to make a living - but he also dipped into pure fantasy and make-believe, from Peyton Place and The Man Who Never Was all the way down to Man From U.N.C.L.E. and Wonder Woman! He even had a sense of continuity through it all, having directed a series titled The Next Step Beyond nearly decades after his legendary stint on One Step Beyond...! He also directed a gem of a Made For TV film (back when those could still be, once in a blue moon, gems indeed!) called Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark - one of my all-time favorites - and that one is enough to excuse any faux pas, almost!

And it is high time OSB shows up here on S.O.S, by the way!

Was John Newland a good guy - that should be our only concern here, on S.O.S.!

All thespians who worked with him agreed that he was - what's your impression on that?

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Rod Serling

His voice is the baritone barometer for mystery, hosting... and instilling fear in an audience's heart! Hitchcock had the brains for that - Serling had the voice for it! The latter also had a flair for crafting a surreal atmosphere, with intrigue and suspense aplenty that *crenscendoed* towards a climax of terror and fright that had no equal; especially when it pertained to the small screen, of course. His Twilight Zone and Night Gallery have since been tainted by mere *associology* with lesser fare that was intentionally similarly named - but that shall not at all diminish the value of his original creations, ever!

On another note, Serling had many personal flaws - and personal demons.
He was a heavy smoker, was he not? He died at the ripe old age of 50, for crying out loud...! And yet he knew that his family history was one of heart problems, with both his father and grandfather having died of it around the exact same age of 50...! Sort of like Bruce Lee, Rod Serling could not escape that family curse either... And yet - his older brother, Robert, died only at the age of 92. Rod, for his part, did not see anything done on TV past the year 1975 - and his honors, he received them in an era where television was still in its infantile stages. Nonetheless, his achievements would have stood out in any age and his posthumous entry into the Television Hall of Fame in 1985 is entirely justified as long overdue already back then.
Rod Serling had, unfortunately, certain flaws of character that might have contributed to his short lifespan as well: he was always tense, stressed for any reason at all, "angry" at a 1001 different things going backstage... His bouts with censorship were real and frequent. He hated the kind of red tape that big corporate sponsors of the new medium of television continuously stuck him with. Basically, he had to deal with it all throughout his tenure as a television writer. No wonder he was angry all the time - but still...
Some believe that the man had a misanthropic side to him, perhaps due to that indeed. Specifically, some refer to "the degree to which his vision of human life is dark, pessimistic, cynical and even misanthropic" in many of the stories that he crafted for television, then an aborning medium he made genial use from the get-go. But to what degree? Serling actually sermonizes all the time - and his misanthropy seems confirmed when he repeatedly makes the worst specimens of the human race get theirs and all that is coming to them through supernatural punishment, nothing less. Obviously the message is clear: no human justice meted out will do, because all of humanity is the same. Thus the only way to set it right is to have it stuck to us, shoved down our throats, via some greater power from the unknown.
Was Mr. Serling a follower of the occult? Was he, like French director and poet Jean Cocteau, a member of some secret order that promulgated ancient knowledge through new mediums? Like Cocteau, he could not contain himself and let some drops of knowledge distill onto his creative efforts, distinguishing himself in an otherwise vast wasteland of nothingness permeating the airwaves and the printed industry?
His being the editor of Triple W: Witches, Warlocks & Werewolves shows an even darker side of Mr. Serling to me. But wait - it gets worse still: he also edited something titled Rod Serling's Devils & Demons. One shivers at the thought of what his Lost Classics truly were meant to contain...!
Maybe his widow knows... Maybe his brother knew... Maybe, just maybe, his daughters know... Maybe the only ones who do know are all to be found... in the Twilight Zone!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

ADDERS... You add it all up!

Social networking sites begat...

Are they mischievous little saints
or just debauched big-time sinners?
Then again...
are they even HUMAN?
You've heard of the net's variety
of ROBOTS...
And we all know what an ADDER is -


Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Hidden Clause...

I know we've covered this guy's "case" (cold case?) already - and he's been relegated to the frozen, frigid (!) labyrinths of a sadly decrepit (not to mention melting away) North Pole myth ever since...

But this additional piece of evidence needs viewing -
and I cannot hide it from view either, not any longer...

Sensible as sensitive eyes - abstain yourselves!

Here goes:

Hence, here's a long-delayed decision,
finally delivered here and now:


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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Léo Ferré

Il donnait et ne savait que donner - était né pour cela et ne voulait pas donner pour recevoir (accolades, droits d'auteur, éloges) en retour. Oh que non - il était un DONNEUR! A giver, not a taker! C'est ce que ses protégés disent de lui, encore et toujours.

Yet this is the same man who sang such discouraging things as "Avec Le Temps... Avec Le Temps Va, Tout S'en Va... On Oublie Le Visage Et On Oublie La Voix..." (which is a complete aberration and a lie) and that other song I shall NOT quote here - one that features rhymes that belittle the effect of what is Sacred (and authored by much bigger than even... Léo here!) and ends up professing his desire and conviction to have neither a God nor any RULES, even... Now that is advocating ANARCHY - and that is not admissible, ever! No artist should lead the masses to think or even lean ever-so-slightly towards that - for it undermines the oh-so-fragile structure that our mere attempts at having civilized societies are based upon! And when the foundation goes - anything goes! You don't truly want to give us THAT, now, Léo - DO YOU? DID YOU? It sure looks like it though, sadly...

Then again, maybe not indeed for he was an avowed animal lover - having even adopted a chimpanzé baby (Pépé) and having raised it like a human child very nearly. When the animal died in 1968, he just had to make a song about it - one that, this time, was totally respectful and closely resembled his timeless (ironically) classic, "Avec Le Temps"... Hence, this man respects a CHIMP more than he did GOD and the LAW - that makes sense! Don't misunderstand now; he never broke the law, just expressed his displeasure with it in song enough times so that some called him a "crapule" - French for something not very nice!

Most probably, those who made disparaging remarks about him were, indeed, jealous of his impact with audiences and peers alike - for it is undeniable that he stood out, and not just due to his hairstyle...! 'The Einstein of Music' he was! His lyrics are powerful, his melodies haunting and unforgettable - and his delivery of said lyrics is just as powerful too. Only he could sing his songs just the right way that they were meant to be sung - I do believe... (It is far truer for Léo than it ever was for Leonard - you know which coward I am talking about! But we are digressing now...)

And yet - Léo Ferré's songs leave us sapped, in tears, demoralized even, and that goes even for the rare few songs that do NOT make any mention of DEATH...
His ending of the Pépé "homage song" sums it all up, for me: his entire body of work is there, in one line...

"On dort tous avec les morts"

It isn't encouraging, either, that he seemed obsessed with LES FLEURS DU MAL too...!
Verily, such interests would tempt me to classify this illustrious songwriter among this class right here...!

With all this in mind, now - YOU make the call!
Léo Ferré - saint... or sinner?
Cantandor encantador... ou encore crapule?

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now this one leaves no doubt - I dare think!

Demon Cat Hates Camera
Demon Cat Hates Camera

Okay, okay - to be the, er, devil's advocate (quite literally so here, too - heh heh!) this kitty-cat MAY have been taunted, provoked, annoyed BEYOND THE POINT OF BEARABILITY (hmm - is that a word? Oh well - tis my luminous prerogative to make up new words as I go along - capisce? Good!)

But I'd say the nickname kitty got is well-suited!
And you...?

Kerli: Curly-haired saint or Curvaceous sinner in disguise?

Kerli: 'Walking On Air'
Kerli: 'Walking On Air'

*YOU* tell ME...!

For once, I've no opinion (or as it truly is the case, for once, I shall not divulge what my ideas on the subject are - either way...!)

You're on your own!

I'll leave you with a clue though: Kerli... is not even curly!!!
Nor is she up there with Larry or Moe...!



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