saints or sinners?

In the same vein as Jay Leno's perennial question "straight or gay" (lest it is "gay or straight" - who cares in this P.C. world anymore - eh? It is a funny segment on Leno's show) - let us thoroughly analyze now the qualities and the faults of many an illuminary... shall we? Ok? Good! ~ NOTA BENE: perhaps because of the subject matter, this blog is neither perfect with IE, nor with Firefox!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

ADDERS... You add it all up!

Social networking sites begat...

Are they mischievous little saints
or just debauched big-time sinners?
Then again...
are they even HUMAN?
You've heard of the net's variety
of ROBOTS...
And we all know what an ADDER is -



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