saints or sinners?

In the same vein as Jay Leno's perennial question "straight or gay" (lest it is "gay or straight" - who cares in this P.C. world anymore - eh? It is a funny segment on Leno's show) - let us thoroughly analyze now the qualities and the faults of many an illuminary... shall we? Ok? Good! ~ NOTA BENE: perhaps because of the subject matter, this blog is neither perfect with IE, nor with Firefox!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Jay Leno

The man with the chin - and the cash!
He makes things up - he also makes fun of people without making anything up at all, merely insinuating, mis-representing facts, distorting them as well...
So - is he a saint or a sinner like any other to be found on the stand-up comedy circuit?

Let's look at the evidence before making the call, shall we?

Here he is just presenting them (sort of like Ed Sullivan used to do, eh?!)

Then there is his darker side...

Jay Leno Apologizes to Offended Viewer
Mar 14, 2006 11:05 PM (ET)

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Jay Leno knows that comedy means sometimes having to say you're sorry. After Leno's "Tonight Show" aired a sketch that compared Vice President Dick Cheney's hunting accident to a 2003 videotaped shooting outside a Los Angeles courthouse, he received a letter of complaint from a viewer.

Wendy Brogin, a friend of shooting victim Gerald Curry, wrote to Leno condemning the recent sketch as offensive and asking him to "do the right thing relative to this matter."

Within days, Leno responded with a phone call that greatly impressed Brogin, the Daily News of Los Angeles reported Tuesday.

"He said, 'Hello, Wendy, this is Jay Leno'," she said. "'I'm calling about the letter you wrote and I want to apologize. I just want to let you know we make mistakes sometimes and we don't mean to hurt people.'"

It's not unusual for Leno to make such calls, an NBC spokeswoman said Tuesday.

In February, he contacted Thomas B. Mudd of Saginaw, Mich., to apologize for a mistake he made in talking about Mudd's great-grandfather, Dr. Samuel Mudd, who set John Wilkes Booth's broken leg after Booth assassinated President Lincoln.

Curry, an attorney whose shooting has been fodder for several Leno jokes, said he appreciated the call to Brogin but bears no ill will toward the "Tonight" host.

"I like Leno, so it doesn't bother me," Curry said. "I don't take it personally, so I wasn't upset with him. He's just making fun, but I think this says a lot about him, that he'd take the time to apologize."

And then there's his darker side still - watch him make fun of Ah-nuld (pardon - Arnold Schwarzenegger's) accent...!

Okaaaay - maybe that video is "no longer available" - but he did do it! YOU KNOW he would do it! YOU KNOW IT! Anyway...

Leno may be a Boston-native and all - but he can be disarmingly mean sometimes! Yeah - he's a mean man! A funny mean man! *LOL*
So - does that make him a sinner?
Or can he still aspire to sainthood, somehow...?
(Not if one believes those killing monks from In The Name Of The Rose he won't! ;) Now those are my kinda monks - yup! I hope you didn't think I was talking about the albino weirdo from that Da Vinci coding crap, did you now?)


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