saints or sinners?

In the same vein as Jay Leno's perennial question "straight or gay" (lest it is "gay or straight" - who cares in this P.C. world anymore - eh? It is a funny segment on Leno's show) - let us thoroughly analyze now the qualities and the faults of many an illuminary... shall we? Ok? Good! ~ NOTA BENE: perhaps because of the subject matter, this blog is neither perfect with IE, nor with Firefox!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kerli: Curly-haired saint or Curvaceous sinner in disguise?

Kerli: 'Walking On Air'
Kerli: 'Walking On Air'

*YOU* tell ME...!

For once, I've no opinion (or as it truly is the case, for once, I shall not divulge what my ideas on the subject are - either way...!)

You're on your own!

I'll leave you with a clue though: Kerli... is not even curly!!!
Nor is she up there with Larry or Moe...!



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